Alex Cheung, cello

AlexAs the cellist of Infinitus, Alex is privy to many secrets…secrets he will share with you now!

 Just send $2.99 (That’s right! Just $2.99!), within the next 30 minutes, to hear all of the juicy details about his fellow group members and their many foibles! Or, you can just read below:

Being a Xerox copy has its privileges. While Alex was growing up, there was a wise family rule that siblings were not allowed to choose the same instrument for fear of competition. Because Alex was five minutes older than his twin brother, he got to pick which instrument he wanted to play first.

Enter cello. (Hello, Cello!)

To be honest, Alex did not think there was much else he could do in the world, except music. He was pretty lazy and much of his attention was spent on thwarting his evil twin brother’s hare-brained schemes (see Anthony bio for more information). He was finally able to strike a balance between university studies at the University of Michigan and the University of British Columbia while keeping a close eye on his twin (lest he got out of hand).

”Being a Xerox copy has its privileges.” 

In a bold (or foolish…maybe both) move, Alex made the decision to become partners-in-crime with Anthony and one of his closest friends, John.

 Po-ooor Alex. (*Sigh*) The landscape of music will never be the same again…(*Shakes head*)

Special thanks to Wayne Smith, Anthony Elliott, and Eric Wilson for their tutelage over the years.

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